S.F Chronicle Sports Much Improved, but Why Omit Cable TV Listings?

I have been meaning to write for a while to praise the new layout and content of the Sporting Green in the San Francisco Chronicle.  I slammed the old one (maybe everyone was busy doing mock-ups), so I should say that the layout looks great, the picture selection is much better and there seems to be much more content.

With the new, more prominent headings, if you see a headline like “Ducks Beat Bruins,” you even have a shot at telling whether it is in woman’s soccer or men’s football, with out undertaking a proctologic examination of the article.

But here is a perennial problem that has not been addressed:  Why do the TV listings omit cable telecasts?  I doubt that Chronicle readers predominantly use rabbit ears.  And I am not just talking about the live coverage of tennis tournaments on the Tennis Channel or basketball on NBA TV.

Cal is playing Oregon State today in Corvallis.  That is a game many people would like to see.  According to the TV listings in the Green, the game is not on TV.  But in scrolling through the listings on Comcast Cable, I see that it will be live on Channel 415, the Fox College Sports Pacific channel on all Bay Area cables.  Granted not everyone has the sports package, but many sports fans do and if they knew games like this were on, maybe they would get it.  Is Roxie Bernstein paying someone off?

Additionally, the Green never indicates if games are in HD.  If you have an HD set, that is an important factor is deciding whether to watch. And it would pressure the broadcasters to give us more HD.  We are supposed to be happy that 75 Giants games and 75 A’s games will be in HD this year.  Whoop de doo.  They should all be in HD!

~ by skaus on February 21, 2009.

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