Breaking: Senate Candidate Mickey Kaus Debates Boxer

I will post a full account of my brother Mickey’s debate with Barbara Boxer, who failed to appear and was replaced by a cardboard facsimile, after I have finished having dinner with the candidate, or maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, here are exclusive photos, which any site is welcome to use.  Here is the update.

Mickey presented a compelling case that as the party that advocates governmental solutions to problems, Democrats have a special responsibility to provide government that works. A government that produced pensions rather than services is going to cause voters to elect Republicans.

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Mickey Kaus makes a point during his debate with barbara Boxer, who did not appear.

Mickey Kaus debates a box that stood in for missing Senator Barbara Boxer.

California Senatorial candidate Mickey Kaus debates a box that replaced a missing barbara boxer.

~ by skaus on May 26, 2010.

44 Responses to “Breaking: Senate Candidate Mickey Kaus Debates Boxer”

  1. Did Mickey let Boxer even win a single argument? Because if he wins every point she could get sympathy votes and he’ll look like a bully. On the other hand, losing even a single point in a debate with this format could be disastrous.

  2. Frankly, I think the box lost a lot of poise, when it insisted on being called “Cardboard Box” instead of “sir-or-maam”.

    • That actually happened. At closing statements, Mickey said, “You may go first Ma’am.” The box said that it preferred to be called Senator, a title for which it had worked very hard.

  3. Do you have any photos pointing the other direction? You know, showing the packed audience? No? That’s odd. Anywho, I think the real news here is “Kaus can’t even beat a cardboard box in a debate.”

  4. I am a liberal political journalist who fights for amnesty for non-criminal alien workers who earned their path towards U.S. citizenship. I also voted for Mickey Kaus without knowing about his opposition of amnesty. He will really meat real boxer’s punches, if he keeps opposing liberal politics. If you don’t want liberal politics, you have no right to call yourself a Democrat, just a fascist rat.

    • I am not sure what my view is, He is not against amnesty. He is against amnesty before the border is sealed in order to prevent further amnestys every ten years.

      • What is he going to seal it with? Tupperware? I thought we were talking about government solutions to problems?

      • about half of illegal immigrants are visa overstayers, most of whom entered the country by flying. so unless mickey’s border sealant extends to 30,000 feet in the air, it may be ineffective as a policy measure.

    • You kill any journalistic credibility you may have EVER had by self-identifying a prefered political result. You bury that credibility with blatantly false statements like “non-criminal alien workers”; by definition, federal and most state laws (including the California Penal Code, which does not have the same protection for illegals as the Arizona law), make it a CRIMINAL ACT to enter this country without proper documentation. Seems to me that someone who was in all likelihood an English major might understand that someone who performs a criminal act is . . . A CRIMINAL. Now if only we could criminalize fake “journalists” who contribute nothing of value to the national debate.

    • So anyone who isn’t a liberal Democrat is a “fascist rat”. You sound like a reasonable person. Wow, and according to your website you think anyone who disagrees with you politically is suffering from mental illness. Physician, heal thyself.

    • You claim to be a journalist?

      What a joke! You can’t even spell a simple four letter word like “meet”, but instead spell it “meat”.

      Hint: “meat” is something you eat, “meet” is something you do with one or more other persons.

      End of English lesson for our mighty “Journalist”.

  5. Hard to believe this guy is a serious candidate. What a juvenile stunt!

  6. […] confess, this is actually pretty amusing. Pathetic, yes, but amusing. Also, it appears that Kaus has found his constituency: Mickey Kaus has […]

  7. Meh. “Sealing the border” is a soundbite. Actually reforming immigration so it doesn’t make lawbreakers out of poor peaaants is what lawmakers do. Not that Mickey will ever be one.

  8. Is he a lawyer? He looks just like the lawyer on SCRUBS.

  9. I don’t care who comes in here and my ancestors came here almost 300 years ago (a REAL daughter of the american revolution). Bad parenting is the cause of most of america’s problems, as evidenced by the neuroses exhibited in most political discourse, especially concerning sharing.

  10. That poor woman, sitting all by herself. Hopefully she at least got a free lunch out of the deal.

    • That poor woman is probably the reporter from the local PennySaver who drew the short straw that day and was assigned to be there.

  11. It helps to look like an ass when pulling an unoriginal, asinine stunt. Mickey wins!

  12. The box’s positions are more coherent and it’s the only one who came out of this with its dignity intact.

  13. I thought that it was original anf funny. Some of the comments were witty too.
    Everybody is so ________ serious!!

  14. Looks like he was speaking before a massive audience consisting of his wife and his campaign manager’s foot.

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  17. Armenak,
    Whoa! I don;t agree with Mickey on everything. Personally, I think the “seal the border first” is a bit backward. I’m for “cut off the demand first” by putting people who hire illegals in jail. I think that would have the most dramatic and immediate effect on the problem, and it would decriminalize the human beings, who aren’t “illegals” but people who broke one law. We don;t call jaywalkers illegals, and we don;t call the people who hire illegal immigrants “illegals”. I also don;t agree with Mickey on his take on ed. reform. The “blame the teacher’s unions” posture is a bit lazy. There are lots of stakeholders to blame, least of all administrators who, in my experience as a high school teacher, never use their ability to fire teachers for performance (they always wait until it’s a disciplinary infraction, not because they can’t fire bad teachers but because that takes more work and they’re lazy). But even if we do fire lots of bad teachers, it won’t magically make the schools better without parents who value education, kids who are brought up to believe school matters, etc.

    All that being said, you can’t just jump to “fascist rat” and expect to be taken seriously. I probably wouldn’t vote for Mickey (can’t because I live in Oregon, so maybe your California teacher’s unions are really as bad as he says, though I doubt it) but we definitely need people like him to run and force us to ask questions. And come up with answers rather than insults.

  18. Honestly, isn’t it time for Mickey Maus to just kill himself? This is so unbearably sad and pathetic.

  19. Whoa! From “fascist rat” to encouraging the poor guy to kill himself? I’m sure Mickey has dealt with every kind of lunacy online, but this is pretty pathetic political discourse. Next thing someone will be calling him a doody-head or threatening to take their ball and go home.

  20. It’s idiotic stunts like these that will secure Barbara Boxer’s win for Senate in California.

  21. I’m standing firm for Mickey Kaus because he’s always been there for me.

  22. Wait, is this real?

  23. And who is that nice lady listening intently to the
    nice gentlemanly Mr Kaus? Close relative? Press Sec.?
    Spiritual advisor? I would not advocate anything so
    extreme as suicide for such a nice man as Mr Kaus
    b/c reason and self control, above all, must prevail.
    I’ve got my checkbook out right now, to support that
    terrible Ms Boxer b/c at least she has a modicum
    of sanity vs conservadem anarchy.

  24. Heh I am literally the first comment to this amazing post.

  25. Kaus is still alive? Jeez, who knew — who cared?

  26. Was there anyone in attendance at this “event” who isn’t related to Mickey by blood or marriage? Since you didn’t post any pics of the audience, I can’t help but wonder…

  27. Even harder than debating the real article – The box has a better personality.

  28. I think Mickey needs to just admit he is a Republican. The nuttiness of modern Democrat voters is amply demonstrated by the comments on this page. In fact Demos have always been a sort of lunatic fringe; consider that opposition to civil rights for blacks was almost exclusively Democrat until the late 1960s.

  29. Mickey Kaus is more of a progressive Republican at his core, as he actually uses his brain and tries to come up with pragmatic, workable solutions instead of knee-jerk, emotional reactions to problems.

  30. George,
    Key word in your post: “until”
    This is an old conservative argument, and it’s as deceptive as it is weak. It’s true that the bulk of the southern segregationists were in the Democratic party, but the party basically split over that, and those Dixie-crats found a comfortable home in the Republican Party, which actively embraced the “Southern Strategy” of using the fears of racist white southerners to get them to vote against their own economic self-interest. So, which is more lunatic fringe: supporting segregation in the time of Lincoln, or supporting the Southern Strategy in the time of Reagan? The Dems should be embarrassed about having allowed people like Strom Thurmond into their party in 1948, but the Republican should be far more ashamed to have held onto him from 1956 to 2003.

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  32. […] Click Here to see photos and Mickey Klaus Blog post about his successful debate against a cardboard …. I am sure all 50 people that attended were scintillated by his appearance. […]

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