Has Chris Matthews Learned Anything Since He Worked for Tip O’Neill?

Anyone who thought that they would obtain incisive coverage from Chris Matthews of all the torture news that is breaking was in for a disappointment Wednesday. Matthews does not know anything, so he shows old film clips, takes offense and yells.

The first segment featured the usual; a Republican, Senator John Ensign and a Democrat, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Matthews questioning of Ensign was infuriating because Matthews apparently does not know what anyone who read The Dark Side by Jane Mayer knows, which is that the abuses at Abu Ghraib were caused by the importation of Gitmo interrogators and contractors to teach so-called interrogation techniques at Abu Ghraib.

Thus, Matthews let Ensign continually distinguish between “abuses” at Abu Ghraib and interrogation. As Joan Walsh pointed out later in the show, this is abject nonsense. The interrogators, as unqualified as they were, brought these “techniques” to Abu Ghraib and taught them to the so-called rogue soldiers.

Matthews could not dispute Ensign’s nonsense because he does not know the most basic facts. Instead he spent the time being offended that Ensign accused Matthews of being “inflammatory” for reading from the Senate committee report that confirmed Mayer’s reporting.

Turns out it is not difficult to tell Matthews something he does not know!

And while we are at it:

– Did Wasserman-Schultz and Ensign appear separately because Ensign insisted on it? Just asking.

– Why did Matthews let Ensign get away with calling the report a “Democrat” report when the adjective is Democratic. This is some kind of Republican stunt to imply that the Democratic Party is not democratic. Ensign said it about ten times and Matthews never mentioned it and even adopted the word. He was to busy faking offense at being called inflammatory, which of course is all that he is.

And that is just the first segment.

(No transcript is available; right now,)

~ by skaus on April 23, 2009.

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