Chronicle Continues to Ignore Cable Television

Today at 11 a.m. Andy Roddick of the United States, takes on Swiss player Stanlislas Wawrinka. If Roddick wins, the United States advances to the next round of the David Cup. If he loses, at 2 p.m., James Blake will take on Marco Chiudinelli in the final match.

This is all on the Tennis Channel, but readers of the TV listings in the San Francisco Chronicle have no way of knowing this. The matches are not listed.

This is not because no cable channels are listed. The Oakland As game yesterday was listed as being telecast on MLB-TV. I appreciated that because otherwise, i would not have known. Maybe the MLB is not on a sports tier, but sports fans buy the sports tier and if they don’t, one reason probably is thet papers like the Chronicle don’t want them to know what is on.

It is not like stations like Versus or ESPN are available free over the air, you have to pay for them. So why not tell sports fans what is on?

And while we are at it, a real hats off to the Cronicle sports staff for Friday’s front page.  It featured the headline “Offense Stalls as Bears Stumble” on one side and “Bears end 14-year Drought in Tucson” on the other with NO clue as to what they were talking about.  I thought we had agreed that there should be headings such as Women’s Basketball” for the former headline and Men’s basketball” for the latter.

UPDATE The match is on and the coverage is great.  Our own Ted Robinson is announcing.

~ by skaus on March 8, 2009.

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