Ted Robinson Is a Fine Pick to Announce the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers revealed today that Ted Robinson is going to be their new announcer. I feel badly for Joe Fonzi, who did a great job on two games this year, but I look forward to listening to Robinson each Sunday.

Robinson has been in the Bay Area for a long time.  He was the voice of the Warriors right after Bill King and called the Giants and A’s as well as many Cal and Stanford games in various sports.  He is NBC’s tennis announcer, but his run at the U.S. Tennis Open was ending as that was for the USA network, which has lost that contract.


I remember him best for a call-in show on KCBS.  Unlike the moron who presently occupies the evening slot on KNBR, Robinson was willing and able to discuss arcane legal and business issues of sports.  He did not yell or repeat the same thing over and over.  One learned a lot from the show and it attracted intelligent callers.

Just last week, Robinson did drive time for KNBR.  What a pleasure.  Couldn’t he also replace Damon Bruce, who cuts callers off if they start using multi-syllable words.


~ by skaus on January 6, 2009.

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